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DOLL Project

It looks neither identically human nor obviously mechanical. The third option is a robot having the appearance of “doll figure” with the motif of gaming or anime characters. We are aiming for the practicality and the popularization of the “DOLL” that has intelligence and motion capability almost the same as a human. That’s the “DOLL Project” we intend to do.

That being said, we are aware that actually making the “DOLL” is not a simple task. So, the “DOLL Project” will move forward step by step along with the 4 phases shown below to reach our goal.

Phase 1:

  • Produce and promote the “DOLL” in the world of a virtual reality network.
  • Develop and train an artificial intelligence that has self-learning algorithms for specific purposes, such as combat.

Phase 2:

  • Develop and train an artificial intelligence with self-learning algorithms that has the ability of everyday conversation with humans for general purposes.
  • Produce the robot which has artificial intelligence for general purposes with simple motion capability.

Phase 3:

  • Develop the “DOLL” prototype.

Phase 4:

  • Price reduction and mass production of the “DOLL”.

Right now, we are in phase 1 as our first step. We are currently working on the production of the multiplayer online battle game “Armed Dolls”.

AD_logo_W01Armed Dolls

The first series of our “DOLL Project” is this multiplayer online third-person shooter game. This game is fully 3D. The “DOLLs” are carrying weapons all over their bodies. This game is made for Smartphones or Tablets. You can play the game by simple touch screen controls.
A player will not control a “DOLL” directly. Instead, a player becomes the “DOLL Master” as the owner of the “DOLL”. The “DOLL Master” will train and raise the “DOLL”. And also, at the time of battle, the “DOLL Master” gives commands to the “DOLL” in order to lead to the win.

Battle Arena
Battle Arena

A “DOLL” and its weapons can be freely customized by increasing its various parameters including Power, Speed and many others. The commands during the battle will make changes to the artificial intelligence which is originally loaded to the “DOLL”. The “DOLL” grows based on the commands by its “DOLL Master”. This means that you the “DOLL Master” can raise your “DOLL” unique in all the world. The artificial intelligence to be loaded to the “DOLL” is based on the most advanced algorithms such as “Deep Learning”. In other words, the “Armed Dolls” project is also a large scale experiment of those most advanced artificial intelligences to a certain extent.

In the “Armed Dolls” world, there are crystals instead of money. They are crystallized energies called “Energy-Gems”. The “Energy-Gems” can be used for a variety of purposes – such as the “Force Field” (a shield for the “DOLL” during the battle), for energy recovery, to increase the “DOLL” or weapons parameters, to develop new weapons, etc. Combat in the battle arena is not the only thing “DOLLs” do. “DOLLs” can take various missions as well. The “Energy-Gems” will be rewarded when the “DOLL” completes a mission. In addition, we are planning to make the “Energy-Gems” available for players to buy in the game. (We are planning to make the “Energy-Gems” price setting pretty low in order for everyone all around the world to be able to enjoy this game.)
Visit the “Armed Dolls” website shown below for more information.

“Armed Dolls” exclusive website: http://armeddolls.com/
(Sorry… this website is still under construction. Please try again later.)

Currently, our “Armed Dolls” project needs to focus its efforts on raising development funds to increase our staff. We are planning to start fund-raising for this project through crowdfunding. We will offer “Energy-Gems” with special prices (much cheaper than regular prices) for those who contributed funds. Based on contribution amounts, there will be an additional special reward, original weapon, original color “DOLL” etc. — those are limited editions for those who fund.
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