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The world’s first digital camera that can upload its works DIRECTLY to Instagram

IG-1 is the world’s first digital camera that can directly upload photos and videos to Instagram on its own. It does not require a smartphone to share your favorite photos or videos on Instagram. IG-1 features a built-in SIM Card Slot and Wi-Fi. This camera connects to Instagram directly the same way as smartphones up to 3G, 4G networks or Wi-Fi.

Compared to smartphones, IG-1 can provide:

  • overwhelming higher quality images
  • easier viewing and user friendly interfaces specialized in shooting photos and movies
  • more shooting mode options to capture a variety of scenes in the best way possible
  • additional processing effects not provided by Instagram

The latest version of the Android operating system (OS) is installed in this camera. Posting images on Instagram from IG-1 is as simple as doing it by smartphone. There is a Touch Panel LCD Screen on the back of the camera. You can operate it by touching the LCD panel or a Navigation Ring located on the right side of the LCD panel.

NOTE: Actual product may vary slightly from these images.

Why use the IG-1 instead of a smartphone?

The latest smartphones are equipped with a built-in camera comparable to a digital camera but those models of smartphones are high-priced. Their camera functionalities are only accessories. IG-1 users can access the full functions of the latest digital cameras. So, you can enjoy making beautiful pictures to the fullest extent along with adjustments including composition, level/direction of light, weather situations and more.

IG-1 offers you a better Instagram experience. This is also a great opportunity for those who are using an older-model smartphone which has insufficient camera functions and/or slow data speeds. IG-1 is $499 (USD). (The special price of $299 (USD) is available during this campaign!) Since IG-1 is so inexpensive, you can have the latest camera functions and upload environments for Instagram with lesser expense than buying the newest-model smartphone.

More Features and Functions of IG-1

  • Cinematography functions at 4K (resolution) with the number of pixels exceeding the newest-model smartphone cameras.
  • The high-brightness LCD panel is easy to see even exposed to bright outdoors including direct sunlight.(Haven’t you ever had difficulty viewing a photo you’ve just taken on your smartphone because of its low-brightness LCD?)
  • Pure and simple interfaces are easy to understand for everyone. Unnecessary functions are eliminated and focused on the Instagram use.(For instance, asking someone to take anniversary photos won’t be a problem because it is easy to use and not complicated for anyone!)
  • A bright large aperture lens and wide-angle optical zoom (allows capturing a much wider range).
  • The LED flash with high brightness.
  • A big and solid shutter button is easy to press. Shooting becomes very easy with this design.
  • The advanced technology of the Anti-Shake feature helps you to take steady photos and movies.
  • Compatible mounting adaptation to standard camera tripods.(Is there any smartphone that can be mounted on a standard camera tripod? Unfortunately, there are none so far.)
  • In addition to sharing your photos and videos on Instagram, IG-1 can save them to its built-in microSD card. You can also save them on your PC and easily print your favorite photos by your own printer at home.
  • Convenient functions including the self-timer for taking anniversary photos and Selfies.
  • The compact design is lightweight, convenient and easy to carry.
  • An all-day lasting durable battery.
  • Four options of camera body-color (choose from Black, White, Pink, and Sky-blue)(Please note; Pink and Sky-blue are only available through an exclusive pre-order sale in limited quantities during this campaign.)
  • Although there is a built-in SIM card slot, this device is not compatible with phone calls.(If we receive heavy demands, we may consider adding a phone call function which will require the use of Earset Microphone and Skype. However, we are dedicated to offering you the very best experience in making photographs and/or movies through this digital camera “IG-1”.)

NOTE: Actual product may vary slightly from these images.

We the team Japan will provide “IG-1” with amazing features in the supreme quality along with Japan’s digital camera manufacturing technology.

IG-1 release is scheduled to be at the end of this year (2016).

Please consider IG-1 as an organization for your Instagram Life!


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