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Our Vision

Think it, and Realize it.

Back then, most people thought airplanes, submarines or walking on the moon were stories only existing in the world of Sci-Fi, until they became reality. But there were some people convinced in the possibilities. By the hands of these people with their beliefs, passions and innovative ideas and skills, those things were brought to reality. That is why we all recognize them as reality today.

The humanoid robot possessing intelligence and motion capability is almost the same as a human — we believe this is going to become our reality in the near future. Right now, this may sound like a fantasy in the world of Sci-Fi. However, we are living in an extraordinary world, surrounded by technologies that are exponentially advancing. In other words, we might be able to make a humanoid robot for real along with the tremendous evolution which is already beginning in our lives. Instead of waiting as an audience, we chose to embark as players in order to make the humanoid robot our reality.

What would it look like if the humanoid robot actually became real?  Will this robot look almost identical to a human? Or, is it going to be an obviously machine-looking robot like C-3PO?  There are some people who feel strange and confused or get the impression of a crisis about humans playing God by making human-looking robots. And yet, there are some people who feel emotionless and unapproachable about obviously mechanical-looking robots.

Our proposition is neither one of them. We propose the “DOLL” as the third option. A long time ago, when dolls were created, they were made to look like humans and humans have enjoyed having dolls as toys or as decorative objects. Our creation of the “DOLL” will define the contemporary version of dolls. In other words, the next generation of dolls — the robot which has the appearance of a “doll figure” with the motif of game or anime characters. Our vision of the “DOLL” will have amazing form to fit easily in our lives and coexist as one of us. It is no longer a dream. We will bring the “DOLL” into our reality. It will not be a so distant future.

Once we’ve created the “DOLL” for real, the next plan is to produce them at a low cost in order for those who need the “DOLL” to be able to reasonably purchase it. The world where humans and “DOLLs” coexist as best partners without doubt is the future we are aiming for.