Heading Toward the Future of Coexistence with Humans and Robots.

It is not a so distant future. It will become our reality very soon by the brilliant developments of robotics and AI (artificial intelligence). We are aiming for the best possible relations between humans and machines under this dramatically changing world we live in. Currently, we are working on the “DOLL Project”. Our proposition is “DOLL” which is one of the forms of robots capable of coexisting with humans.

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Click “Project” to find out more about the “DOLL Project” and its Phase One of “Armed Dolls”.

AD_logo_W01Currently, our “Armed Dolls” project needs to focus its efforts on raising development funds to increase our staff. We are planning to start fund-raising for this project through crowdfunding. We will offer game items with special prices (much cheaper than regular prices) for those who contributed funds. Based on contribution amounts, there will be an additional special reward, original weapon, original color “DOLL” etc. — those are limited editions for those who fund.
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